About Our Domestic & International Cheese Shop | RMCC

Our Mission

Rocky Mountain Cheese company strives to bring delicious cheese, amazing bread, great meat, fine wine and delectable sundries into our rural mountain community.

Our Story

Rocky Mountain Cheese Company opened for the love cheese in May 2018. Our owners noticed the lack of a cheese shop in the community and decided to do something about it. So, with a little ingenuity they found a space, acquired the equipment, sourced some great cheese, wine, and meat to open a shop in the heart of Idaho Springs, Colorado.

Meet Our Team

RMCC is a locally-owned and operated business. Our team members come from a variety of different backgrounds and are happy to serve cheese newbie or cheese expert for any occasion. We are united by our passion for great cheese. Stop in any day and you will see an owner working the cheese counter alongside our cheese mongers.

Meet the Team | Rocky Mountain Cheese Company

Our great team and co-founders

Kevin Buckley, Angela Slegl, Stephanie Seabrook, Daron Stiles

Interested in being part of our team...

If you're passionate about fine cheeses, meats and wines and would like to be part of our fun team, give us a call or contact us and tell us a bit about you. We love having good people on our team that care about our passions and our local community.